Dancing Around the Issue

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Prom night is turning into a nightmare for two Wood County teens. Both girls say they planned to go as friends to Saturday night's event but were denied by school administrators for going as a same sex couple.

Excitement is in the air, prom is around the corner, but two Williamstown High School students are furious they can't go to the big dance together.

“We're not even lesbians, we're just going as friends and they are saying we can't cause they frown down on same sex couples, so they've labeled us and their discriminating against gays,” says Shannon Clayton.

Sophomore Shannon Clayton says she and her senior friend Jasmine bought their tickets long ago, no questions asked, but now it seems school officials are dancing around the issue.

“This is a junior senior prom an underclassman is not allowed to attend the prom unless they are the date of an upperclassman,” says Larry Barton.

A date, a friend, two girls and a night on the town. These students say what's the difference?

“In Williamstown a date is a boy and girl, not two guys coming together or two girls,” adds Larry.

Prom is a big night for these small town students, but some say small town politics have prevailed. Now, Jasmine Delane will spend her senior prom without her friend Shannon.

After we discussed this issue of same sex couples going to the prom with school officials, Wood County Superintendent Bill Niday called us saying the issue has been resolved and Jasmine and Shannon will be allowed to attend Saturday’s prom together.

This issue takes us to our new poll question. We're asking should same sex couples be allowed to attend their prom together?

You can answer yes or no on our website.