Gas Affects Non-Profits

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Gas prices are once again reaching record highs, forcing residents to dig deeper into their pockets. It affects everyone, but for one local non-profit group the effects could start impacting operations.

Rhonda Snyder prepared to take a hot meal to ten home-bound residents Friday.

Snyder coordinates the local Meals On Wheels program in Wood County and has a deep commitment to her job.

Snyder said, "I've had people on my route in the south side area and they treated me like part of the their family!"

Five days a week, someone like Snyder is rolling a meal into someone else's home.

While the program has been the same for years, outside forces like gas prices are affecting the budget.

Trish McKay at the Wood County Senior Association said, "The price of gas keeps going up, but our reimbursement rate stays the same. Right now it can possibly affect services in the future. We're hoping not because we're designated to get out to the community and meet with people and receive their needs."

McKay is a social worker and assesses potential Meals On Wheels recipients. While officials have said they won't cut meals or drivers, it's possible they might have to cut back on deliveries.

McKay says that defeats one major purpose of the program.

"Sometimes that person who delivers the meal might be the only contact that home bound person has, and they're able to go check on them daily."

They're able to deliver a nutritious hot meal and I'm hoping it doesn't cut back on the number of hot meal deliveries we're able to make.

Snyder says the relationships are everything and cutting back on deliveries is a tough decision to make. However, she says cutting back on meals might be worse.

If deliveries are cut to three days a week, instead of five, recipients will receive one fresh meal and one frozen meal.