Close Encounters?

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The stories sound nearly the same. The witnesses all say Robert Anderson befriended them in their early teens, became something of a father figure to them, and then became a lot more.

A sexual relationship developed, in many cases one where Anderson paid to have sex with the male teens, and the encounters were sometimes photographed in his office.

The age of consent was 16, one victim told the jury, "and the first time we had sex was 17."

The victims say Anderson bought them items such as clothing, took them to places as far as Myrtle Beach, and even arranged for them to have pagers, on which he often contacted them.

Earlier, the mother of one of the victims said she confronted Anderson, upon finding nude photographs of her son, and told him to stay away from her son. She denied, however, an allegation from Anderson's attorney, that she wanted $5,000 from Anderson for the photographs.

One of the victims testified that, after Anderson's arrest 19 months ago, Anderson told him in a telephone conversation he was contemplating suicide.