Belpre Schools Address Concerns about Flag Etiquette

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Tuesday, we brought you the story of a group of veterans who are upset about how often the American flag is flown at Belpre schools.

One of their main concerns is that it isn't sending students a patriotic message, but students and staff say they receive a patriotic lesson daily.

School officials say the flag is flown on a daily basis, and students start each day with the pledge of allegiance.

"Having us do that shows pride and makes people respect it even more, and the fact that it's in our every day lives gets people even more aware," Regina Leftwich, a Belpre High student, said.

The school also conducts a veterans' program each year where students help prepare a breakfast for the veterans and their guests.

Principal Michele Filon says the school has many programs that help students gain respect for their country and their community.

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