Preparing for the Vote

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The County Commission and the Clerk of Court's Office Monday morning completed the packing of ballots for each of the county's 85 precincts.

The ballots will be distributed to poll workers next Monday, one day before voters go to the polls.

"On the tenth, we will put the ballots on a truck to the courthouse," says Wood County Circuit Clerk Carole Jones, "and the poll workers drive through and get the ballots and supplies and they're ready to go."

Depending on the number of registered voters to a precinct, the locked boxes have as many as one thousand ballots, and as few as one hundred.

"At the time the ballots are ordered, we use the current registration," Jones says. "While registration hasn't closed at the time we order the ballots, we use the figures at that time."

The largest number of ballots goes to precinct 57-A, which has more than 1,000 registered voters.