Tale of the Tape

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Incriminating or not, the tape may have told jurors more about the former Marietta College professor, accused of child pornography charges.

The taped conversation came as the result of a "wire" worn by the victim while Anderson was meeting him in his office in November of 2000, and while Anderson was driving him to Parkersburg.

He speaks at one point about one of the young men who has testified against him this week, but Anderson denies having a sexual relationship with him.

"The idea of having sex with him is like having sex with my own son," says the voice on the tape.

Later, however, he also talks about his own sexuality. "Well, the guys I have sex with don't go around bragging about it," the voice says.

"Some people hang out with all kinds of younger men," his passenger claims.

"Yeah, but I don't have sex with them," Anderson replies. "I hang out with them because, A-I'm sexually attracted to them, and B-I actually think of myself as young at heart."

Earlier in the day, one of Anderson's alleged chat room contacts, identified as "Boxer Boy", said Anderson met him through a website for gay teen-agers.

The young man said that, as a teenager, he told Anderson he was 16, when in fact, he was 15.

On the recorded conversation, Anderson tells his passenger at one point to "stay away from destructive people".