Wood County Indictments

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The charges involve a stolen property ring operating in the spring of last year. Janice, Jeremy and Richard Nolan are charged with 26 counts each.

"The Nolan indictment involves nearly $15 to $20,000 worth of stolen articles from various residences in Wood County. One residence alone was worth over $10,000."

The charges include receiving stolen property, grand larceny and grand larceny by bringing stolen property into the state.

"Many times we find that these items, computers, computer games, jewelry, are stolen and later pawned," Conley. "We can't be certain with regard to the investigations we have so far."

That wasn't the only robbery case brought before the grand jury. It also issued indictments against a suspect in the first of the video lottery robberies from last winter, and two suspects were indicted on attempted murder from the New Year's eve shooting of Tammy Callahan at a party at this Lynn Street home.

Carey Fleming is charged with four counts, including attempted murder and malicious assault. Antonio Maddox has three charges against him, including aiding and abetting attempted murder and aiding and abetting malicious assault.

"She was allegedly shot in the forehead, and survived," Prosecutor Conley says. "She is actually doing quite well despite the injuries that were inflicted."

The grand jury also named 14 people on drug charges, mostly involving the manufacture or sale of drugs. In cases dating back to last year.