Local Goodwill Receives a Pricey but Illegal Donation

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Tis the season for giving, and as donations pour into thrift stores, a local Goodwill received a $1,500 donation. The only problem is, it's illegal in stores and on the street.

Imagine the surprise on an employees face who opens a water jug and finds one pound of marijuana. That's exactly what happened Friday at the Goodwill on Colgate Drive in Marietta.

A two gallon metal water jug was donated to Goodwill, but Marietta police say when employees opened it, they found four bags of marijuana that together equal about a pound.

Police say it has a street value of around $1,500.

Because this was an anonymous donation, there's really no way of telling who or where the pot came from.

"If anybody would like to come in and claim this "cooler," which is probably an antique, we would love to have them come in and we'll be more than happy to try and get that cooler returned to them," Marietta Police Captain Jeff Waite said.

Police say the marijuana appears to be more than a year old, and was probably donated by accident.

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