Insulting "Old Glory"?

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The correct way to disposal is coming up in just a few weeks, when a ceremony takes place on Flag Day and that's what the American Legion tells us was the ultimate destination for the flags we found stashed in a dumpster Tuesday night.

That's how Legion leaders are explaining this, the discovery by two veterans of these old American flags, some of which were even properly folded in the dumpster outside Post 15 Tuesday night. One of the boxes even said "old flags" on it.

Legion club manager Ron Ross explains that post commander Paul Logsdon was supervising two others who were moving items from the main building while it was being cleaned.

"There was an overflow of flags that were taken over there," Ross explained, "and no one knew they were taken over there."

The old flags are disposed of each year at a ceremony held on Flag Day. They are usually stored away in the room that is normally used for the Legion's weekly bingo games.

"Because we are a veteran’s organization," says Ross, "we know better than to do that, and we are embarrassed by it."

Ross tells us the Legion gets from two to 300 flags for disposal every year, not only from Wood County, but from the surrounding area as well. This comes at a time when the legion's membership is about to elect new officers, which includes the post commander.