Santa Calms Parents' Fears of Swine Flu

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Swine flu is a major concern for parents this holiday season, and it may even cause some to be a little apprehensive when it comes to that annual visit to the man in red.

Santa Claus at the Grand Central Mall is taking some extra steps this year to stay germ free. He says his suit is cleaned daily and he even changes his gloves several times throughout the day. Also, the entire area where Santa is seated is sanitized frequently.

Some parents say they're not too worried about sitting their child on Santa's lap, but that it's always best to stay cautious.

"We use a lot of hand sanitizer. We just keep our hands clean, and it's really clean here it seems like," Storm Newlon, who visited Santa with her daughter, said.

That hand sanitizer is also provided for anyone wanting to take that extra precaution.

Santa also says he and his helpers have all received a flu shot this year.

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