Gov. Manchin's Substance Abuse Plan Presented

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Each year, every West Virginian pays more than $1,100 to help prevent substance abuse; according to the West Virginia Prevention Resource Center, but now there's a plan to help lower that cost.

It's Governor Joe Manchin's plan to address the state's substance abuse, and it was presented at a luncheon Wednesday at WVU at Parkersburg.

Those in government, law enforcement and more gathered to hear the plan, which is designed to benefit everyone in the mountain state.

"That's one of the things I will ask here this morning is a show of hands of how many people have had a family member, a close friend or an acquaintance that has had issues with substance abuse. I bet we'd be lucky if there are no hands raised. I think every single hand in the room will be," Wayne Coombs, with the W.V. Prevention Resource Center, said.

The plan includes four major strategies, which are prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery.

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