Job Summit and Local Jobs

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With the nation's jobless rate now at more than ten percent, the government is putting more focus on job creation.

President Obama met with business leaders, economists and more in a job summit Thursday to discuss job growth.

Manpower's staffing service supervisor, Sandy Brown, says she's still seeing quite a few layoffs in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Brown believes Thursday's summit could have been more beneficial to the work force if more people were involved.

"I'm somewhat disappointed that they didn't include the Chamber of Commerce and the American Federation for Small Businesses in this summit. The people attending this summit are leaders that may not have been actively down in the trenches with the rest of us, and know what's happening on a day to day basis," Brown said.

Brown also adds that when it comes to local job openings, the one occupation they're actually having trouble filling is telephone service technicians.

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