Anderson on the Stand

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The testimony was as much about his relationship with one-time fellow employee Robert Sandford, as it was about the evidence seized by investigators.

The former Marietta College professor says he believed he was bisexual as a teen-ager. He first met Robert Sandford while teaching him at Ohio University 10 years ago, and Sandford later worked with him at Marietta College. But it wasn't until Sandford took a job at Ohio University in 1999 that the two developed a sexual relationship.

Anderson talked about the two linking programs, some of them involving adult pornography, and that Sandford brought computer discs to Anderson's home computer. But in response to questions involving three computer disks, Anderson said he did not view any child pornography pictures on them, or access them. He also says he wasn't aware of any pictures on them.

Last week, an investigating agent testified images depicting child pornography were placed on a CD between 1996 and 1997. Anderson claims it wasn't until the summer of 1999 that he began using a CD to copy images.

Anderson says he and Sandford began chatting, and discussing their sexuality, in 1997. But he adds Sandford was also computer chatting with others at that time as well.

The defense began presenting its case Tuesday afternoon after unsuccessfully attempting to drop from the jury's consideration numerous aiding and abetting charges against Anderson.

Judge Susan Boyer did agree to drop a few charges, relating to sexual relationships he was accused of having with victims who testified last week.

Anderson is expected to return to the stand, when the trial resumes Wednesday.