Wind Whips Through the Area

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The weather was the topic of conversation Wednesday, as those gusty winds whipped through the Mid-Ohio Valley.

If you stepped outside, you probably noticed a lot of branches laying around, and dispatchers in Washington County say the received several calls of entire trees down.

Across the river in Wood County, dispatchers tell WTAP they've had several lines down; causing many places to lose power throughout the day.

However, we caught up with one Christmas shopper who says the wind actually helped him.

"It's blowing me from store to store to store. It's too windy to carry everything, so I leave it behind to get gift wrapped, and I'll come back on a calm day, pick it up and take it along," Bob McCloy said.

As the wind helped some with their Christmas shopping, others say it made it difficult to keep those Christmas decorations from blowing away.

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