Staying Warm Without a Home

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On frigid nights many like to curl up by the fire or just crawl into a warm bed, but not everyone has that luxury.

House to Home is a daytime shelter in Parkersburg that provides the homeless with food, clothing and blankets, while also giving them a place to do laundry and take showers.

However, at night it's a different story, and some even live in tents under a bridge.

Those in this situation say they do what they can to stay warm, and they're grateful for the help they receive.

"We're just out here because we have to be, but the biggest thing is we're here. We're making the best of it, and there's a lot of good people around that are bringing us firewood, bringing us food, bringing us water," Mike Vanfosson, a homeless man, said.

One option for the homeless is the Salvation Army in Parkersburg, which provides people with shelter for up to eight weeks, but officials say on cold nights like Thursday night, they won't turn anyone away.

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