Mobile Museum Stops in Parkersburg

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Marching bands, beauty queens and folks in costumes are some of the things you'll find in nearly every parade, but something a little different was featured in Saturday's parades.

A truck named "The American Funeral," which is actually a mobile museum, made its way down the streets of Vienna and Parkersburg Saturday.

When on the road it's tough to imagine, but the truck's trailer opens up and folds out to display historic funeral scenes, such as a replica of Abraham Lincoln's casket.

"We have all kinds of things. We go through the history starting at 8,500 years ago with ritualized Native American funerals; to Michael Jackson now has a piece up in there," Abigail Van Gelder, the Reflections' Tour field manager, said.

The truck tours the country, but you can check it out Sunday from noon to six at Lambert Tatman Funeral Home on Pike Street.

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