Helping With The Christmas List

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Hundreds of families in need received a big help with their Christmas lists on Monday from the Old Man Rivers Mission in Parkersburg.

Volunteers with the Old Man Rivers Mission were helping people to shop for their children for Christmas.

About 800 children will be getting three to four presents from the mission.

Monetary donations and presents have been collected since November from the help of the community.

One Parkersburg woman, Roseann Jewell, said that she needed help this year because her and her husband were laid off. "I was kind of embarrassed at first, then I was like, we can't do it by ourselves. So, we needed to go ask for help," said Jewell.

Volunteers will be continuing to pass out gifts for the next few days to applicants who applied in November.

Old Man Rivers Mission has been operating for 19 years and this is the 10th year for the Christmas handouts.

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