Crushed Car Fire

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A fire, which broke out Wednesday at a Washington County vehicle crushing yard, has been determined to be accidental.

What firefighters saw when they responded to the scene is what passing motorists saw from Ohio Route 7. Two truck drivers saw the fire ignite while they were loading their rigs at the nearby Edgell-Jackson terminal.

"And I told the guy who was loading me, and he went over there with a bucket of water and tried to put the fire out," said Bill Jones, a truck driver from Coshocton, Ohio. "The next thing I knew, everyone in the plant was running over with a hose, and then the fire department showed up."

Later, it was determined a piece of hot metal ignited some of the junked vehicles. The yard, we're told, is the site not only for old cars and trucks, but also interior equipment, which largely is made of plastic.

While to most of us this was a large fire, firefighters were able to keep it contained so it would not spread to nearby buildings or to Ohio Route 7.

"Everything's pretty much contained to the old vehicles," said Warren Township Volunteer Fire Chief Mark Wile. "We had an engine set up in the back, which protected the exposure, and kept anything from spreading, and we contained it to the vehicles."

While the fire broke out in the middle of the workday, there were no injuries. Wile says a dollar figure isn't available on the damage to the yard, but adds that the fire did heavily damage some overhead power lines.