Family Photo Album Recovered

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UPDATE: 12/18/09 6:31PM

After seeing the photo album on our 6:00 newcast, the owner called and claimed the memories.
Every minute another memory is made, and the best way to capture the moment is by taking a picture.

So what would you do if an entire album of memories disappeared?

A couple of weeks ago, Angie Parsons was driving along Rosemar Road when she noticed a photo album on the shoulder.

Parsons says it was a windy day, so she walked around recovering pages that had blown away.

Her hope is that whoever lost the album can have it back in time to add this year's Christmas pictures.

"You only get one shot for that picture, that time when the lights just right and the kids have the perfect expression on their faces. So, I hope they're making new memories, but I'm sure they want these back too," Parsons said.

The photo album is green and contains many family pictures.

If you know who it may belong to, call the newsroom at (304) 485-NEWS.

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