Working in Winter Weather

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The ground has been snow covered for days, but as of Monday winter is officially here. That means those who work outside have months of cold weather ahead of them.

One thing many of us dread during the winter is pumping gas. So just imagine filling up the car, washing the windows and checking oil; all while bundled up for those frigid temperatures.

The Starfire gas station in Belpre is one of the few full-service stations around. Gas attendants say working in the cold can sometimes be a bear, but those who benefit from it are grateful.

"If the wind's blowin' off the river it gets sometimes below zero," Sam Dotson, a gas attendant, said.

"The accommodations, the people are nice, and if you have anything extra you want taken care of they do it for you," Betty Smith, a customer, said.

When it comes to full-service gas stations, the colder it gets, the busier it gets. In fact, gas attendants say business picks up about eighty-five percent in the winter.

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