Rekindling Memories, Creating New Ones

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Over the past three years, a Parkersburg couple has continued to share a piece of an era gone by around Christmas time.

Each year the displays in the Marietta People's Bank window are a little different and this year it is unique once again.

You can take a trip back in time by just walking down Second Street in Marietta.

Bud Downing, a Belpre resident, said "This just reminds me of when I was little and was in Chicago and Milwaukee."

This family recently moved here from Huntington and they haven't seen anything like this in decades.

"I'm trying to do what was done for me 30 years ago you know to create memories that the kids will remember. You know that hopefully in 30 years when I'm old and gray there will be someone else continuing this tradition in Marietta," said Keith McClung. Keith and his wife, Michelle, own the characters and set up the display with a team from their business, Crown Marketing Services.

If you grew up in the Mid-Ohio Valley this year's display may bring back special memories. These characters were used at the Grand Central Mall in the 1970s.

The details of how these dolls were displayed back then is still unknown to the McClungs who would love to see any photos people may have of their kids in front of them.

This year each window depicts a different department of the North Pole.

More of the characters are on display at People's Bank branches on Emerson Avenue and Pike Street in Parkersburg as well as in Belpre.

The figurines will stay up through New Year's Day.

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