Water, Water Everywhere

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Where high water hit, it definitely left its mark. Parts of Burr Oak state park between Athens and McConnelsville were covered with water Thursday night into Friday morning, and it might cause problems for people with recreation on their minds this weekend.

Some rivers in our area, including the Ohio River, are considered unsafe because of storm debris that's been washed away.

Closer to the Ohio is Meigs County, Ohio where high waters finally receded by late morning.

A resident who lives west of Pomeroy says that in the 21 years he's lived in the area, high waters have been a common occurrence.

"The creek doesn't have anywhere to go," says John Hawley, who lives on Ohio Route 143," it goes into (another creek behind his house). By the time one is backed up, the other is backed up, and it just overflows, too."

One car wasn't just parked along the roadside. It was stranded trying to get through Thursday night's high water. Hawley says some motorists have been cited for driving through storm waters. He believes more citations should be issued.

Both Allegheny and American Electric power companies are working to restore power lost during Thursday night's storm. The utility companies say it might take all weekend to restore power in areas hit by flooding.