A Juvenile Game

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Anderson spoke about having a computer conversation with a person logging on as Jordan 14.

Reading the text of his chat, Anderson said, "I have sex with many guys, 18 and older, but I still like young people."

It was also stated he had a detailed conversation with the person, who eventually says the 14 means his age. Anderson claimed he didn't believe it.

"This particular individual is out there," Anderson testified, "and all the other people are saying he's one of those fakers who say they're 14. And I, unfortunately, like a stupid juvenile, got into the game."

Anderson admitted on the stand he developed relationships with young men in their early teens. But he says it wasn't until they were of at least 17 that they developed into something of a sexual nature.

He says former co-worker Robert Sandford developed links through a computer identified as Caleb between networks of Marietta College and Ohio University.

Anderson says he used it to download pornographic pictures.

"I did not seek to download child pornography from news groups to Caleb," Anderson testified. I was focused on the 'teen.male" group, that was primarily the college-age group, 18 to 22."

The case could go to the jury as soon as Thursday.