Taking Caution When Hosting New Year's Parties

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If you're not planning to be out and about Thursday night, but you're hosting a New Year's celebration of your own, you still have some responsibility when it comes to the roads.

Attorney Bill Merriman says if someone leaves your party intoxicated and causes an accident, you can be sued for being a negligent party; especially if you provided the alcohol.

Merriman says if a party host does not provide the alcohol, he or she can still be sued, but the liability would be minimal.

"If you're hosting a party have a great time, but take the keys or have designated drivers available for those who may consume alcohol and leave your party. That's the best way to minimize your liability for any civil action as well as to prevent anybody from getting hurt," Merriman said.

He says if you provide alcohol to someone under 21 and that person causes an accident; along with civil liability you could also have criminal responsibility, and could potentially go to jail.

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