Avoiding Drinking and Driving

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It's New Year's Eve and cops are reminding drivers to take extra caution.

State troopers will be conducting DUI check points, while city police plan to send out extra DUI patrols.

Some places like JP Henry's in Parkersburg make it easy on those celebrating the new year by providing a shuttle bus.

Owners say New Year's Eve is a night to have fun, but not without safety as a priority.

"The cab service is a little tough. They do the best job that they can, but on a night like New Year's Eve I'm sure there's gonna be a wait all over town. There's only so many cabs to go around, so luckily we do have a shuttle bus. We bought it strictly for safety reasons," Bre Hughes, co-owner, said.

Hughes said the shuttle bus is free of charge, but they do ask riders to tip the driver.

Many places, however, do not provide transportation, and so police say those drinking need to have a designated driver or call a taxi.

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