Marietta City Council Swearing In Ceremony

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The eight members of Marietta City Council were sworn into office on the steps of city hall Friday morning.

This ceremony is a tradition that's held each two year term.

Every member sworn in has served a previous term on council, and it's that experience that council president Paul Bertram says will allow them to hit the ground running.

"The main thing is dealing with the budget, and dealing with the financial responsibility and the fiscal responsibility of this city," Bertram said.

The council isn't wasting any time as it had a special meeting following the ceremony.

Members include:

Paul Bertram III, President of Council
David White, 1st Ward
Mike McCauley, 2nd Ward
Jon Grimm, 3rd Ward
Tom Vukovic, 4th Ward
Kathy Shively, At Large
Andy Thompson, At Large
Harley Noland, At Large

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