Arrests Pending in Connection with Meth Lab

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Washington County officials are investigating a possible meth lab that's expected to lead to several arrests.

Monday afternoon, Elizabeth Abraham was taken into custody after officials found ingredients for a meth lab in the basement of her Mitchell's Lane home.

Abraham's husband, James Abraham, is also being questioned at this time.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says the evidence indicates there has been at least one active meth lab in the house.

He says producing meth can actually be even more dangerous than using it.

"If something goes wrong you can have an explosion. That's why our guys are dressed in tyvek suits. They have masks, air containers, because if you get a whiff of that and it goes into your lungs, it can literally freeze your lungs and completely destroy you," Sheriff Mincks said.

Investigators are also questioning another woman in connection with supplying an ingredient for the meth.

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