Protecting Pipes in Freezing Weather

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With temperatures set to stay below freezing all week, you may want to take a few extra steps to protect your pipes.

Plumbers say to prevent pipes from freezing and even bursting, leave a small stream of hot and cold water running.

If you have a sink on an exterior wall of your home, be sure to keep the lower cabinet doors open to allow heat to get to the pipes.

You can also pick up some waterline insulation at a hardware store.

They say the biggest thing you can do is go into your basement or crawl space and make sure no wind can reach your pipes.

"If you see light coming through then you're going to get wind. The colder the weather gets the colder the wind, and that freezes your pipes," Ted Vandyk, with Carver's Electric/Plumbing, said.

Vandyk also suggests removing water hoses from outdoor spigots to prevent water bursts.

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