Pharmacies and Authorities Team Up to Fight Drugs

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Law enforcement officials in Washington County say their work is far from over after busting a third meth lab within the past month.

Investigators searched a home Monday; finding all the ingredients used for methamphetamine, indicating there has been at least one active meth lab in the house. They also discovered two different meth labs back in December.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says meth is becoming more of a problem, and so investigators are working with pharmacies and drug stores to track down who's buying ingredients used in meth, and how much they're purchasing.

"The pharmacies and the people operating the drug stores are working with us very closely, and without their cooperation this wouldn't be possible. We're doing very well and they're helping us combat this problem that we're having with methamphetamine," Sheriff Mincks said.

He also says methamphetamine is one of the most addictive drugs out there, and that making it can be extremely dangerous.

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