Some Heating Assistance Still Available

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For many, heating your home is easier said than done, and while there are programs to help with this; the fear is that some will be left in the cold.

The Washington/Morgan Community Action office has a variety of heating assistance programs, and has already helped heat nearly 1,000 homes this winter.

People can continue to apply for these programs, but officials are concerned about those who have already received help and are still in need.

"Now they've run out of their bulk fuel or they're at disconnect again for their utilities and seeking assistance again. It's gonna fall on our local churches and other charities to help them because we can only help them one time per winter heating season," Mary Bayless said.

Across the river, the Wood County Department of Health and Human Resources has assisted about 4,000 people with its regular LEAP program, which ended in December.

However, officials say if you have a shutoff notice on your main heating source; starting Monday, you can stop by the office in downtown Parkersburg and apply for the emergency LEAP program.

To find out if you qualify for any programs with Washington/Morgan Community Action, call one of these offices:
Washington County: (740) 373-3745
Morgan County: (740) 962-3827

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