Putting a Dent in Drugs

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Just after 9 a.m., area law enforcement agencies, carrying search and arrest warrants, hit several homes in Parkersburg, Wood County and neighboring Washington County.

They included the 37th Street Home of Kirt King, who was arrested along with his brother, Sherman King. Also arrested was Marcus Henderson, of the Parkersburg area. A small amount of drugs and cash was found at the Washington County home of Dane Mason's brother, Chico.

"(Chico Mason) was arrested about a year ago for an ounce of cocaine by the Ohio Highway Patrol," said Chief Deputy Larry Mincks of the Washington County Sheriff's Department. "So he's been known to transport for quite some time."

Residents in the 36th Street area of North Parkersburg are relieved at the arrests. They believe drug activity has been going on in this neighborhood for a long time.

Drug forfeiture is also being sought for property seized in the raids, which netted varying amounts of cocaine and marijuana.

"Neighbors can be a little impatient when they have that kind of activity," said Parkersburg Police Chief Bob Newell. "It does take awhile. We'd like to move quickly ourselves, but the law requires us to have proper probable cause to get warrants."

In March, drug raids took place in Parkersburg and Vienna. Another drug raid took place in late March in Belpre.