Raising Museum Membership and Money

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The Campus Martius Museum in Marietta faced some tough times last year, but was brought back to life when Friends of the Museums took over in October. However, there's still plenty of work to be done to keep it running.

The museum must raise $310,000 to keep its doors open. They've already raised $75,000, but need a little help bringing in the rest of the money.

Marietta Middle School's eighth grade class is helping out with a membership drive; signing on as many new members as possible.

The students are offered extra credit, but some say their own memories of the museum is incentive enough.

"I've been going there since I was really young just to visit and look at the stuff, and it never got boring," Hailey Carman, a student, said.

"Going there and makin' candles. They taught us how to drill holes in wood with Indian drills," Tyler Ritchey, a student, said.

The class consists of about 230 students. The goal is for each of them to sell at least one membership, but the hope is they'll do much more than that.

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