Anderson Case Goes to Jury

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Was Robert Anderson someone who collected everything form young boys to sexually graphic pictures? Or was he, as his defense attorney claimed Thursday, merely a flawed individual?

Says Assistant Prosecutor Scott Longo "He collected boys from Parkersburg--who were poor, who had problems, who were easy targets."

Defense Attorney George Cosenza disagrees.

"These are men who are grown up," asserted Cosenza. "These are not people you would not know in your world. These are men who are beyond their years."

Cosenza also laid out for jurors a timeline linking Ohio University employee Robert Sandford, rather than Anderson, to the creation of computer links to child pornography.

But the state charges Anderson was interested in connecting Sandford's computer in Athens to Marietta College's web network, in part, to view those images.

The state disputes Anderson's contention that the young men he befriended, and engaged in sex with, were of consent age.

Emphatically addressing the jury, Washington County Prosecutor Mike Spahr said, "There was a quid pro quo, in which (the victims) were told that, if they were to get paid, they would do what he wanted.".

Anderson, who resigned as a Marietta College Professor shortly after his arrest in late 2000, is charged with more than 130 counts, including possessing child pornography and prostitution.