Inn Up for Auction

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So far, no buyers have surfaced for the Stockport Inn. July 17 is the date for the scheduled auction of the inn that was built from what for years was a power-generating mill.

The inn was once a working mill which generated electric power. It opened as a hotel and restaurant in 2000 on the heels of a booming national economy. As the economy faltered, so did the inn, but there also other problems.

"We had some debris that destroyed our turbines," says inn General Manager Teresa Colman. "They generated the electric power for the inn which saved us from electric bills. We're now billed by (American Electric Power)."

Even if the inn is sold at or before public auction, there's no guarantee the new owners will continue to operate it as an inn. In spite of the setbacks, the inn has received thousands of visitors from across the country and even the world. Among the early guests after it opened were Governor and Mrs. Bob Taft.

"We're still taking reservations for July 17th and beyond," Colman says, "in the hopes the people who purchase the building will continue to run it as an inn, and that will benefit them as a company."

The restaurant opened this year for just three weeks before being closed in late May, and the inn isn't suffering for lack of tenants.

Coleman told us Tuesday one person recently booked a room for right up to the night before the auction.