U.S. Census Trailer Rolling Through Area

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It's easy to forget something that only has to be done once every ten years. So as a reminder for people to fill out their U.S. census forms, one of the nation's 13 census trailers is rolling through the Mid-Ohio Valley Wednesday.

The trailer stopped at Washington State Community College and Belpre Elementary Wednesday morning, and is set to be at Parkersburg City Park from 3 to 5 p.m.

The 2010 census trailers visit a variety of places, but officials say it's especially important to get the information to college students. This is because students need to be aware that they must fill out the census for the community where they go to school, and to not have their parents count them on their forms.

However, if there are duplications, census officials say there are ways of sorting it out. Another reason for visiting college campuses is they're good places to recruit help with the census.

"We want to make students familiar with some of the job opportunities that might be available. We're recruiting now for people that will be brought on in the spring," John Willse, a census media specialist, said.

These are part time jobs with flexible hours where those hired will basically go door to door to call on people who haven't returned their census forms.

The U.S. census started back in 1790 as a way to count the population. The reason it's so important is because an area's population determines its congressional representation as well as how much money it gets for education, health care, infrastructure and much more.

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