"Learn to Swim Volunteers" Honored

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Thursday evening, some very important people who help keep kids and adults afloat during the hot days of the summer were honored.

It's been 45 years since the Red Cross Learn to Swim Program started teaching kids and adults to swim, and Thursday night volunteers of all ages took center stage.

One in particular, Kathy Anderson Wise, she's been a swim instructor with the free swim program for 30 years, she was honored with special award.

“Whether it's teaching a five year old or a 80-year-old, getting them acclimated and used to the water, the first time they float or open their eyes under the water, as long as I get the chance, I’ll do it,” says Wise.

Anderson Wise says she believes in this program and enjoys it, and so does her co-volunteer Mary Wright.

Wright was also honored for 15 years of service. This summer alone the two helped more than 70 volunteers teach 259 people how to swim.