"He Belonged to Us..."

Ronald Reagan
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Thousands packed Washington’s National Cathedral, and millions more watched on television for funeral services for former president Ronald Reagan.

The mourners consisted of friends, family, world leaders and current and former presidents, one of whom served under Ronald Reagan, and another, who was influenced by him.

"Today, Ronald Reagan belongs to the ages," President George W. Bush eulogized, "but we preferred it when he belonged to us."

Most of us were adults, or at least growing up, when Ronald Reagan was president. But a lot of people weren't born yet when he was in the White House.

Dylan McGee is eight years old. To him, the Reagan legacy is something he's seen in history books, but he does have a sense of what "The Gipper" meant to America.

"His grandfather gives him a lot of history about Mr. Reagan," said Jennifer McGee, Dylan's mother, "and Dylan has always been interested in that kind of thing, so he's been watching it."

And what did Dylan’s family tell him about Reagan?

"He was a good president," Dylan said.