Banning Texting Behind the Wheel

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Drivers across the nation are being told to keep their eyes on the road. The Department of Transportation is banning bus and truck drivers from texting while driving.

This new law doesn't come as much of a surprise. In fact, many states and individual companies already have rules against texting behind the wheel.

For example, several months ago, the Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority in Parkersburg passed a policy that prohibits drivers from using cell phones while on the bus.

Each bus is equipped with several cameras that could show if a driver breaks this rule. General manager, Joe Lockhart says similar cameras on buses in other states have revealed drivers were texting at the time of accidents.

"That has stirred up a lot of controversy and discussion across the country. We knew that some drivers on EZ Rider buses carried cell phones and could possibly be texting," Lockhart said.

Lockhart says if a driver is caught texting while driving, it would result in suspension without pay or even termination. He also says they've never had any problems with drivers texting, and the rule is just a preventative measure.

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