Protecting Children from Freezing Temperatures

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Children may not like wearing layers of clothing and bundling up every time they walk out the door, but that tends to be the rule at home and at school.

Every morning principal Mary Vincent welcomes her students into the warmth of Criss Elementary in Parkersburg. The outside was a busy area Friday morning, packed with parents dropping off their children.

"When it's warm we have several that walk their children," Vincent said.

But when it's not, Angeline Barnette and her daughter Kandie may just be the only ones.

"When it's in the 30's and 40's they usually walk their kids to school, but other than that it's mainly just us," Barnette said.

When temperatures get below the freezing point you can bet the doors will stay closed for recess.

"If the temperature or the windchill factor is below 32 we do not go out," Vincent said. "We send notes home saying to wear layers because sometimes the classrooms are colder than other times. And we always make them put their coats on at the end of the day before they go out."

"She wears a toboggan, a thick coat. I try to put sweaters on her to keep her warm," Barnette said.

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