Let Freedom Ring

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A bell rang on Blennerhassett Island once Wednesday afternoon, for each of the 13 original colonies.

It was part of a ceremony on the island, held in honor of independence day.

Historian Ray Swick explained Blennerhassett Island was an encampment site of Revolutionary War General George Rogers Clark, in the last months of the war for American independence.

"When (Clark) arrived in this area, he camped at Blennerhassett Island in August, 1871," Swick recalls. "Immediately after nightfall, an officer and 40 privates deserted. This was a horrible breach of behavior for the late 18th Century, because an officer had betrayed his class. So late that night, the other officers burned him in effigy."

Swick says his story is part of a book he plans to write in the future on the island's history.

Right now, he's working on a book on Harman Blennerhassett.