Winter Weather Boosting Car Wash Business

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One of the basic rules to keeping a car in good condition is simply to keep it clean, but not many are willing to brave the bitter temperatures and wash their vehicles themselves.

This is good news for car wash businesses like All American Car Wash in Parkersburg.

Winter weather not only covers cars in layers of dirt, but the salt used on icy roads can ruin paint and rust the body of a vehicle.

So, on the road to keeping their cars healthy, many drivers take the route of convenience.

"We're a little bit busier now than we are in the summer time. Everyone wants to get the salt off their cars. We do a lot of undercarriage washes this time of year, a lot of outside washes," Steve Griffith, an All American Car Wash employee said.

Griffith says it can be a dirty and frigid job, but those are the exact factors that boost business this time of year.

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