WTAP's "Pug"satawney Phillip Predicts Early Spring

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Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil really has a way of hogging the spot light each year, so we brought out WTAP's own "Pug"sutawney Phillip. He has an important job on Groundhog Day, which is to predict the weather.

When old man winter knocks at the door, Phillip the pug knows what's in store.

Striving to be like his owner; WTAP's Abby Weppler, Phillip is just a pug with a dream.

"Much like his mother, he does control the weather. We're just kind of a team," Weppler said.

After years of watching Punxsutawney Phil look for a shadow, "Pug"sutawney Phillip decided to start his weather career with a clean slate. It all starts by getting in a box to hibernate.

The time has come for the big reveal. Will he rest through more cold weather, or does spring appeal?

As he springs from the box, a decision has been made, but it didn't come easy as the options were weighed.

"When we were in the box he was like, "Mom, we need to talk about this. I really feel like it's an early spring I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna leave you in the box,'" Weppler said.

So as Punxsutawney Phil predicts winter to take a longer stroll, "Pug"satawny Phillip says it's time for spring to take control.

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