Video Lottery Fight

Video Slots
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As Wood County did a month ago, Pleasants County is trying to limit the number of video lottery businesses within its borders, but it may have a longer process to accomplish that goal.

The Pleasants County Commission, like Saint Marys City Council Tuesday night, heard Wednesday from residents opposing additional video lottery establishments.

But before the commissioners enact a law limiting those businesses, it may first have to enact a comprehensive land use law.

"Because, as soon as somebody tries to restrict this," says Prosecutor Tim Sweeney, "there will be certain economic interests that are going to challenge it. You all know they have the money to spend to pursue these things, and you're going to wind up in court."

Sweeney plans to look into the legality of a land use law. The communities of Saint Marys and Belmont are considering measures of their own to slow down the growing number of businesses offering video gaming.