Depot in Danger

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The operators of a historic Williamstown railroad depot are going to court in an effort to save it. They're facing a Sunday deadline to move the structure or demolish it.

Williamstown Area Development Corporation President Elizabeth Beck says it was notified last week by the owners of the property the depot sits on of their intent to develop the land.

The corporation Wednesday filed a request for an injunction to stop further development of the land. Its attorney, William Summers, adds the action also includes a request that the Development Corporation re-acquire ownership of an adjacent building which has been leased to the developers.

The Development Corporation acquired the depot structure from C.S.X. Corporation in 1990, In 1993, it acquired a nearby structure, and later sold it to J.L.S.S. corporation.

The Development Corporation was notified in April that Sutherlins Corporation had purchased the adjacent building from J.L.S.S., and on May 6, claimed to be the new owners of both that building, as well as the depot. On June 9, Sutherlins' attorney notified the Development Corporation that the depot must be removed from the property by midnight Sunday.

A hearing on the injunction is scheduled for Friday morning at 9:30 before Wood County Circuit Judge George Hill.