Car Crashes into Shoe Store

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A local shoe store wasn't busy selling shoes Thursday, but instead was boarded up.

Vienna police say at about 9 a.m. Thursday 83-year-old Beryl Goldenberg drove her car into Renee's Birkenstock.

Police say Goldenberg claims the accelerator of her Lexus got stuck, and she couldn't get the car to stop.

They say she wasn't badly injured, but went to Med-Express as a precaution.

Store manager, Erica Pettrey, says she was called in as soon as the accident happened, and was shocked at what she saw when she arrived.

"I was thinking chaos, that's what I was thinking. The actual car was in the building, so it was quite an interesting morning," Pettrey said.

She also says Birkenstock is already in the process of replacing the glass, and will be back open as soon as possible.

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