Recalled Vehicles Impacting Used Car Lots

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The recent Toyota recalls are affecting more than Toyota dealerships; they're also impacting used car lots.

The pre-owned section of Matheny Motors in Parkersburg has several vehicles that are on the recall list, but they've been taken off the lot until the repairs are made.

Officials say that may take a while since Toyota must first take care of current owners, and then its own dealerships before making its way to previously owned vehicles.

Matheny officials say they're confident these vehicles will still sell once the problem is fixed.

"We did have one or two customers come in wanting to trade theirs off right away, but other customers don't seem to be affected by it what so ever and some customers are still interested and say they want to purchase some of the vehicles we have after we do have them fixed," Mick Ward, Matheny Motors' General Sales Manager, said.

Matheny Motors and many other local dealerships are still accepting Toyota trade-ins that are on the recall list.

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