Pigskin Picks Winner Jeremy Bigley

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Jeremy Bigley wins a brand new HDTV presented by Lamp Pestproof

Jeremy Gibley takes home the gold! And by gold we mean a brand new 32" HDTV.

34 year old Ravenswood, WV transplant, now of Mineral Wells, didn't even join the Mid Ohio Valley chapter of the national Fantasy Football contests, until week 11 and was pleasantly surprised by his victory.

"Yeah, my wife told me Lamp Pestproof was on the phone and I thought 'Lamp Pestproof? Oh yeah, they're the sponsor of the Pigskin Picks,' " said Bigley.

Lamp Pestproof owner, Steve Seckman, who had contacted Bigley only a few days prior, said Bigley's wife seemed confused by the call and worried she thought he was a telemarketer calling.

Traditionally a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Bigley worried his score which projected the New Orleans Saints defeating the Indianapolis Colts, 31-21, was too high, "At first I thought it might be a little high, but I just decided to go with it and see what happens."

Luckily he did, because today he is the proud new owner of an HDTV! Congratulations.