A Full Moon and Crime, Is There a Link?

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It's been said that there's a link between full moons and crime rates, and the old tale might have had an effect on quite a few people in our area.

More than 20 people were arrested by the Parkersburg police this weekend, and there was a full moon Thursday. The arrests ranged from DUI’s to domestic battery, and several dealt with destruction of property, burglary and breaking and entering. Sergeant George Fox says the normal amount of total arrests is usually around six to eight, he say's he hopes the full moon is to blame for this weekend's crime.

"I would hate to think this is a trend we are going to start seeing but generally around a full moon it's usually 50/50, sometimes it may have an effect people may act up more than usual or be more outgoing and get into something they can't get out of, and sometimes it's perfectly quiet, just like any other given night,” explains Fox.

An analysis by a Toledo newspaper supports the link between the moon and crime. It says the crime rate rose five percent on the nights of full moons.

Some authorities say the theory is part of a Century-old legend. Most academics say there's not a correlation, but many veteran police officers are convinced that a full-moon night is different from other nights.