Back to School Shopping!

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Even though you do back to school shopping in the summer, you don't need to be in math class to know that the cost of things adds up fast!

And with the sluggish economy, American’s are spending less on back to school purchases.

It's not too hard on your wallet, with a little planning.

Many American families has felt the effects of a rocky economy, according to a study by Myvesta Financial Health Center the average back-to-school shopper will spend about 20 percent less than last year on back to school supplies, that makes for the second consecutive year those numbers have been down.

However, some store managers in Marietta say, back to school shopping has been very busy.

The study says you should plan back to school shopping in your budget like you plan for vacations or holidays.

So if you do charge some of those items, make a plan to pay them off in the quickest amount of time possible, to avoid interest.

The study mentioned in that story sruveyed 1,000 people based on their personal or families expenses.