Area Pollution Study Continues

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Marietta College and University of Cincinnati officials are half way through a study taking a look at the effects of pollution on youth development.

Dr. Mary Barnas with Marietta College says the study examines the effects of several different metals on neurological development in kids.

She says they're about halfway through data collection, but still need your help.

"We have about 96 children from the Marietta area that have participated and over 30 children from Cambridge, but we're still looking for 200 children from each community, so we're still in the midst of data collection," says Dr. Mary Barnas, Marietta College.

The study calls for children who are seven, eight, and nine years old and grew up in the Marietta area.

If you're a parent and would like to volunteer your child, you can contact Dr. Barnas at 740-376-4766.

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